2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender


SUVs do not get as good as the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Defender. The performance-oriented SUVs by Land Rover have grabbed all the attention. We are the first to notice the high sales at the Land Rover Cherry Hill, where we deal in everything. We have the best deals and lease plans on the best cars. 

The new SUV release calls for review and comparison. So let us find out how the Discovery and Defender battle it out.

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender: Pricing

Land Rover is associated with high prices. It is not valid, however. People suspect higher prices of Land Rover because of the quality of the vehicles.

The 2022 Land Rover Discovery's price starts at $56,350 for the base trim S. The higher trim, HSE R-Dynamic, has a starting price of around $71,650. Adding optional specs raises the price.

The new 2022 Land Rover Defender has various trims. Therefore, the price range is extensive. The base trim S for Defender has a base price of about $52,450. The V8 trim, the most popular and latest addition to the Defender lineup, has approximately a base price of $99,000.

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender: Performance

Performance is a key buying factor. With Land Rover, you are sure to get some firepower and efficient performance.

The new 2022 Land Rover Discovery has two types of engines. A 2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces a maximum of 296 horsepower.

The second 2022 Discovery engine is a 3.0 L turbocharged inline-six engine. It gathers a total of 355 horsepower. The second engine can be married with an optional 48-volt hybrid system. The all-wheel drivetrain is standard for both engines.

The all-new 2022 Land Rover Defender has a standard four-cylinder engine. One of the engines is a 3.0 L inline-six engine coupled with a 48-volt hybrid motor. The most popular and hostelling is the V8 engine, which produces 518 horsepower. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive is standard.

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender: Interior

The 2022 Discovery's interior is posh and luxurious. The seats are heated and power-adjustable. Massaging seats are also optional. The two back row passenger seats can fold to enhance the cargo space.

2022 Discovery has an 11.4 inch infotainment display. The gauge display is a 12.3 inch digital screen. The live weather updates are the most remarkable feature.

The 2022 Defender has a modest yet luxurious interior. The magnesium beam running the length of the dashboard stands out. A dashboard extension from the lower part acts as a stack of control buttons.

The latest Defender has a 10 inch infotainment display. A larger 11.4 inch display is optional.

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender: Exterior

The 2022 Land Rover Discovery has the following dimensions

  • Length 195.1 inches

  • Width 78.7 inches

  • Height 74.3 inches

The 2022 Land Rover Defender measures as

  • Length 180.4 inches

  • Width 78.6 inches

  • Height 77.5 inches

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs 2022 Land Rover Defender: Safety Features

Safety features are a must. Both the 2022 Land Rover Discovery and the 2022 Land Rover Defender have

  • Automatic Emergency Brakes

  • Pedestrian Detection

  • Lane Keeping Assist

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

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