What is Land Rover TPMS?


Your Land Rover vehicle is a high-performance machine that has been finely tuned. Not only does it contain a powerful motor, but several innovative features to keep everything running smoothly. One high-tech innovation is the TPMS, otherwise known as the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Let’s look at what this function does on vehicles at Land Rover Cherry Hill.

TPMS Features

Land Rover’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an advanced system that uses sensors to monitor your tire pressures. The TPMS alerts you when there is a problem. You might notice the warning light come on the console when trouble is detected. If one of your tires is not at the proper pressure, this system activates. If you see that light, you want to take immediate action to protect your vehicle and your safety.

Otherwise, you can create excessive wear and tear on the tires. You might also lose valuable traction and fuel mileage. Carrying heavy loads becomes more dangerous when the tires aren’t inflated properly as well. The worst-case scenario is that you could have a tire blowout while driving.

Keep Your Land Rover Tires Inflated

While it is quite dangerous to have underinflated tires, it’s just as vital that they don’t get over-inflated. That’s why you want to check your tire pressures regularly and watch for the TPMS signal. When you maintain your tires, they receive a longer life, increase the comfort of the ride and improve fuel economy. Look for the proper PSI in your Land Rover owner’s manual.

If you need help maintaining your tires or you aren’t sure how to understand the TPMS, visit the service department for additional help. While you are here, it’s time to look at a new or used Land Rover for sale in Philadelphia. We have some amazing deals happening right now.

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