You are running late for work and the weather is poor. You hop into the driver’s seat of your Land Rover and turn the ignition, but nothing happens. Now what? Your car battery may be dead. At Land Rover Cherry Hill, our service department wants to make sure you are educated about car batteries, so you can prevent this situation from occurring.

Warning Signs of a Dying Battery

If you notice that the battery is dying, you can avoid being stranded in your driveway. Here are a few of the telltale signs.

Car’s headlights become dim: Watch your headlights when you are driving at night. If they don’t appear to be as bright as normal, you might want to have the battery checked.

The vehicle makes a clicking sound when turning the key: This might mean that your car battery is already dead, but it is a sign to watch for nonetheless.

Engine cranks slowly: If the motor takes longer than normal to start, you want to have it looked at right away.

Car won’t start after leaving lights on all night: It’s likely that the battery itself isn’t the problem. You simply drained all of the juice out of it. Once the battery gets the charge it needs, it should be fine. Just don’t leave any lights on again.

Bring Your SUV to Land Rover Cherry Hill

If you notice any signs that your car battery might be dying, you want to let the professionals run diagnostics on it. We have the equipment to evaluate the health of the battery and determine if you need a new one. Other parts might be causing your problems, such as the alternator. So, you don’t want to replace unneeded parts. Call the service team today and schedule your appointment for a car battery checkup. While you are here, you can look for a new or used Land Rover in Philadelphia.

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