6 Reasons to Buy Used Cars

July 19th, 2022 by

We love pre-owned cars here at Land Rover Cherry Hill in the Philadelphia area. For example, you’re likely to find us if you search, “used cars near me.”

New vehicles have their place, certainly, but so do used cars. Not everyone knows their benefits, so here’s the scoop.

1. More Value Overall and Less Depreciation

New vehicles depreciate quickly. In fact, the largest decrease in a car’s value occurs within the first year to the tune of about 20 percent. You can lose up to 11 percent of a new car’s value right after you drive it off the lot.

With used cars, these giant valuation drops have already occurred. You get more bang for your buck. The worth of the car stays more consistent. Used cars do depreciate, of course, but it occurs much more slowly.

2. Wider Selection of Vehicles

Suppose you love luxury vehicles but cannot afford a new one. Pre-owned cars are the answer. A luxury vehicle that is a few years old can be yours for a fraction of the cost, and drive and feel virtually the same as a brand-new car.

3. Lower Insurance Costs

Used cars cost less to insure because they are not as costly to replace. The savings over a year can be hundreds of dollars.

4. Bugs Addressed

New vehicles are less time-tested than used cars. By the time you search online for, “used cars near me,” any bugs and potential safety risks related to your top choices should have been identified and addressed.

5. Safety

This reason is related to number four above. Used cars can be incredibly safe, a major reason we sell approved certified pre-owned vehicles with a host of features. For instance, we inspect all of our used inventory thoroughly to ensure each vehicle is safe and exceeds expectations. If you have teenagers, rest assured that used vehicles can be very safe and feature new technology.

The inspection involves 165 points in areas such as electronics, mechanics, paintwork, engine, and road testing. All of our vehicles must pass these 165 standards for us to approve and certify them. Our used cars, trucks, and other vehicles also come with vehicle history reports that detail the car’s mileage, service history, ownership history, and other important records.

6. Limited Warranty

Buy a pre-owned vehicle in the greater Philadelphia area through us, and get a limited warranty with coverage for one year with unlimited miles or two years with 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

We have full confidence in our vehicles and back that up with the warranty. If your vehicle does need repairs covered under the warranty, there is no deductible. The warranty is transferable too if you were to sell your vehicle.

Used Cars Near Me in Greater Philadelphia and Cherry Hill

If you are searching online for “used cars near me,” check out the selection at our Land Rover Cherry Hill dealership. You can even start a purchase online and explore financing options.