Land Rover Air Filter Near Me

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Experts suggest replacing your vehicle’s air filters every 15,000 to 45,000 miles. Air filters are an often overlooked part of your car maintenance routine, but they’re crucial if you want your Land Rover to run at peak performance.

If it’s time to change your Land Rover air filter and you need service near me, you’ve come to the right place. Land Rover Cherry Hill offers certified Land Rover air filters, replacement, and maintenance services to the greater Philadelphia area and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Read on to learn more about Land Rover air filters and how to schedule your service.

What Do Land Rover Air Filters Do?

If you own or have ever owned a Range Rover, chances are you’ve experienced this scenario. A mechanic doing regular maintenance on your vehicle says, “Also, your air filter needs changing. We can tack that on to your service for a fee.”

They show you the filthy filter, and you say, “Yes, of course, thank you.” But what does the Land Rover air filter do, and how does it get so dirty?

Vehicles can have two types of air filters installed in either your vehicle’s cabin or your engine compartment. The air filter reduces the number of contaminants inside your vehicle. These contaminants could come from outside sources, such as pollen and dust, but also inside sources, such as fumes from oil leaks.

How to Tell if My Air Filter Needs Replacing

Checking your air filter is simple but differs depending on the make and model of your vehicle. So, your Land Rover Range Rover may have a different air filter location than your Land Rover Discovery. Use your owner’s manual to locate the air filter.

Clean air filters are off-white in color and free from debris. A dirty air filter will take on a dark brown hue. Colors between those indicate that there’s still some life in your air filter– darker colors and excessive build-up mean you should have changed your air filter some time ago.

If you aren’t confident in this process, ask an expert. Visit a Land Rover dealership service center to schedule your air filter inspection.

What to Expect During Your Air Filter Service

Inspecting and replacing your Land Rover air filter is a fast service. Often, customers prefer tacking it on to other services like vehicle tune-ups, tire rotations, and oil changes to save a trip. On average, air filter replacements won’t last longer than 30 minutes.

The cost of an air filter service includes the air filter itself, labor fees, and incidental costs (which are rare). A certified Land Rover service center near me will give you the most accurate estimate.

Land Rover Air Filter Near Me

Finding a Land Rover air filter near me can be challenging. Luckily, Land Rover Cherry Hill can help. Our technicians are factory trained to service and install all the different types of filters on any Land Rover vehicle. Plus, we only use certified OEM parts on your Land Rovers.

We offer services to Greater Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Visit our website to schedule your air filter service today.

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