Land Rover Brake Pad Replacement in Philadelphia

March 17th, 2023 by

While most people neglect the condition of their vehicle’s brake pads, you don’t want to do that with your luxury Land Rover SUV. Your brakes must be in optimal working condition and you need brake pad replacement as soon as something seems wrong. Otherwise, you could have larger repair bills down the road and lose valuable safety while behind the wheel.

At Land Rover Cherry Hill, we strive to educate our customers about brake maintenance so you can stay safe.

What Are Land Rover Brake Pads?

The brake pads are located between the rotors and calipers. These components help to slow down the tires when you press the brake pedal. If they don’t work right, you could wear out the rotors, calipers and other parts.

With simple Land Rover brake pad maintenance, you stay safe and reduce your repair costs.

Symptoms Of Bad Land Rover Brakes

Every time you press down the brake pedal, you wear out the pad a little. The material on the pads will completely wear away over time. Before that happens, you will notice some warning signs that you should schedule a brake pad replacement in Philadelphia.

Watch for:

  • Squealing and Screeching Sounds: When you press the pedal, you might hear a high-pitched sound. This indicates that the wear indicator is exposed, which alerts you to the proper replacement time.
  • Grinding and Growling Noises: When the brakes wear beyond that point, metal makes contact, leading to a horrific sound. To avoid costly repairs, stop driving now and schedule service.
  • Indicator Lights: Some vehicles feature a Brake Indicator Light to let you know when replacement is needed. When this comes on, you want to schedule service.
  • You can also visually inspect the brake pads through the wheels spokes. If there is less than ¼-inch of material remaining, you need a professional brake inspection.

Trust A Land Rover Technician With Your Brake Pad Replacement

You don’t want to trust your luxury SUV to just anyone. Visit our factory-trained technicians at Land Rover Cherry Hill to get the expert guidance you need. We only use reputable parts from the factory to ensure the best performance and long life. And with our easy-to-use online scheduling tool, it’s never been easier to book your next service appointment.

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