Winter Driving Safety in Your Land Rover

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Did you know that just over 17,000 Land Rovers sold in 2021? SUVs are known for their class and luxury and have transformed into one of the most sought-after cars today. There is a sense of desire and mystery because there are so few people who own these vehicles.

If you own a luxury car or want to purchase one, you may have questions about its features and functions. To ensure winter driving safety in your new car, continue reading for everything you need to know about Land Rover winter safety in Philadelphia.

Does the Land Rover Perform in Winter Conditions

The winter performance of the Land Rover is second to none because it is equipped with a 4-wheel drive system that delivers power to the front axle in some road conditions which results in better handling and grip. On top of this, Range Rovers have one of the highest ground clearances in SUVs today which helps when driving in snow.

Winter Car Care

If you are worried about extreme winter temperatures there are a few extra things that you can do to make sure your Land Rover is fully equipped with everything you need. Here is what to start with:

  • Switch to cold weather-rated oil
  • Use anti-freeze not water
  • Choose windshield washer fluid that does not freeze
  • Clean out corrosion before driving

Features for Winter Driving

If you find yourself searching “Land Rovers near me”, you may want to know a few of their amazing features before you buy. Some of the components below are what make the Range Rover have such a commanding road presence during winter driving.

Full-Time Intelligent All Wheel Drive

These vehicles are equipped with an all-wheel drive system that sends power to all four wheels which allow the driver to receive maximum traction on slippery roads or difficult terrain. Land Rover owners can experience less tire slippage or fishtail than the average car owner.

Terrain Response Control

Driving modes can switch between seven different options with a terrain response system. The characteristics that can be affected by this are engine response, transmission, suspension, and stability. Here are the different modes to switch from:

  • Dynamic
  • Eco
  • Comfort
  • Rock Crawl
  • Sand
  • Grass or Snow
  • Mud

Anti-Lock Brakes System

When driving in snow and ice the risk of slipping or the wheels locking up is far greater. The anti-lock brake is a feature that prevents this from happening by pumping the breaks on and off quickly to keep the wheels turning until the car comes safely to a full stop.


The great thing about owning a Land Rover in winter is that there are lots of accessories that can make it an even better winter vehicle. You should have no problem finding parts to improve its off-road capabilities. Some of the most popular parts to add can include winter tires, chains, roof racks, or tire cables.

Winter Driving Safety

Most drivers are worried about winter car safety but Land Rover owners can feel secure that their vehicle will do well in the snow or cold conditions. Land Rover Cherry Hill has amazing deals to offer for new, or used vehicles. Make the time to test drive your dream car today!

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