Summer Car Care Tips

July 2nd, 2021 by


Keeping Your Car Cool

Gulping down ice water, blasting the central air conditioning system, and switching into a short-sleeved shirt are all ways to keep yourself cool. But what are you doing for your Land Rover? With the summer months in full swing, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind so your car stays cool. Here at Land Rover Cherry Hill, near Philadelphia, our experienced service team also provides extensive services to help you tackle the summer heat.

Dashboard Sunshade

A dashboard sunshade is a simple, practical solution for keeping your car’s interior cool, especially when parked in a sunny area. Nothing is worse than getting into your car and realizing that it’s hotter on the inside than it is outside. Sunshades help to block out the ultraviolet rays and keep the cabin cooler for your comfort. If you anticipate driving around your kids, it would be also worth looking into shades for the rear side windows to prevent harm from ultraviolet rays.

Air-Conditioning System

When traveling long distances, you and your passengers deserve to be comfortable. This means that, having a working air-conditioning system is a must when venturing out for the summer. Before driving out, take the time to test your air-conditioner and ensure that it works properly. If you notice that the air-conditioner is weak, you either need to replace the refrigerant or there may be another issue at hand. For further diagnosis on the issue, it’s best to leave your car with one of our expert technicians at Land Rover Cherry Hill.

Fluid Checks

Not only should you be concerned about the cabin staying cool, but you should also direct your attention to the engine bay. When the engine bay hasn’t been cooled down over long periods of time, this can cause your engine to seize and overheat. Regularly checking your fluids, such as the oil and the coolant, can prevent this from happening. Oil acts as a lubricant and reduces how much friction occurs between the engine parts. The more friction that occurs, the more heat that builds up in the engine bay. Additionally, coolant is directly responsible for cooling down the engine. If there isn’t a sufficient amount of either oil or coolant, your engine is at risk of overheating. At Land Rover Cherry Hill, we offer oil change services, as well as a variety of quality services, to help you care for your vehicle in the summer.

When getting ready to travel, it’s important to have your vehicle in top shape. Contact us at Land Rover Cherry Hill to help you prepare for those long, summer drives. Schedule service for your Land Rover today!

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